Ray Holt Resume


M.A. Education, Curriculum & Instruction: Secondary Mathematics, University of Mississippi, Oxford MS

M.S. Computer Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara CA

B.S. Electronic Engineering, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Pomona CA


Information Technology (IT) Honor Roll

Mississippi Certified Teacher – Secondary Mathematics

Certified RobotC Instructor


Dolphus Weary Lifetime Achievement Award - recognized accomplishments in Christian community development, 2022

Teacher of the Year – Wilkinson County Christian Academy, 2021-22

Top Teacher Award – Le Tourneau University Machine Learning Competition, 2021

2014 Outstanding Volunteer for FIRST Robotics Competition

2014 Outstanding Volunteer for Mississippi FTC

2014 Outstanding Volunteer for Southern California FTC

2013 Ole Miss College of Education Student of the Month

2013 Clarion Ledger (Jackson, MS) “Robotics Coach” Front Page featured article


STEM ADVANCEMENT INC / dba MISSISSIPPI ROBOTICS.com, Founder/President – Current

501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization founded to enhance the teaching of science, technology, engineering, math and robotics in the rural areas of Mississippi. Currently, classes are taught in over five rural areas at schools, after-school programs, and home schools. Twice a year STEM/Robotics Competitions are sponsored to provide competitive experience for the students. Students are encouraged to pursue technical careers and to attend an appropriate college. Grades 3th – 12th are served. Mississippi Robotics.com

TEACHER/CONSULTANT, Mississippi Rural areas – Current

Engineering and technology consultant for rural area education sites. Engineering and robotics curriculum development (elementary, middle-school, high school). Website design and development. Co-founder Mississippi Rural Education Consortium. Seminar speaker. Have successfully developed and coached a high school robotics team to State and World competitions.


Information Science & Technology and Computer Science classes

CORNERSTONE BUSINESS SERVICES, Blanchard, Oklahoma President/Owner

Business solutions consultant. Internet marketing & promotion.Software and hardware installation and troubleshooting. PC Training. Seminar speaker.

CORNERSTONE COMPUTERS, Santa Clara California President/Owner

Internet design and marketing, network sales and installations, microprocessor consulting.

GRAPHON CORP, San Jose, California Director of Information Systems and Customer Services

Setup an accounting and manufacturing computer system network.

DIGITAL OPTICS CORP, Santa Clara, California Director of Operations/Engineering

Developed a laser-based 3-D scanner for imaging applications. Owner won Academy Award for the cinema application of the 3-D scanner used in the making of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies.

HONEYWELL/SYNERTEK CORP, Santa Clara, California Vice-President/Director of Systems Engineering

Microcomputer-based card and systems development and manufacturing. These computer cards were used in many areas such as university labs, industrial equipment, military and commercial robots, instrumentation, and engineering training.

MICROCOMPUTER ASSOCIATES, INC., Santa Clara, California Founder/Executive Vice-President

Designed and developed the JOLT, microcomputer kit, the VIM and SYM single-board computers. Robot application of SYM. Published the Microcomputer Digest, the industries first 100% microcomputer publication. Developed prototype for Radio Shack TRS-80. JPL Lunar Rover controller interface. Programmed the first microcomputer pinball game using Intel 4004. Developed and taught Intel microcomputer-based seminars and workshops for Intel Corp using 4004, 8080, PL/M language.

COMPATA INC., Palo Alto, California Senior Consultant

Developed and taught Intel microcomputer seminars.

AMERICAN MICROSYSTEMS, INC., Santa Clara, California Senior Systems Research/Development Engineer

Microprocessor designer for the AMI 7200 and AMI 7300 single-chip microprocessor. Co-Founder of Microprocessor Group.

GARRETT AIRESEARCH CORP, Torrance, California Systems Research/Development Engineer

Designed the microprocessor chip set for the F14 “Tomcat” Central Air Data Computer. Considered first working microprocessor chip set. Worked in 1969 and flew in the F-14 in 1970.


“Distributed Learning Over The Internet,” Asymetrix, 1997
“Developing Applications for Distribution Over The Internet,” Asymetrix, 1997
“Windows NT Systems Administration,” Microsoft Training, 1996
“Internet Software Tools and Market,” FTP Corporation, 1995
“Corporate Intranets: Uses and Configurations,” Ingram-Micro, 1995
“Making Better Connections: PC-to-Enterprise Networking,” SunSelect, 1993
“The Store Keeper-Retail Software,” Dealer Training, Streamlined Information Systems, 1993
“Windows Applications and Usage,” Dealer Training, Microsoft, 1993
“Netware: System Manager Course,” Novell, 1991

“Successful Business Management,” Hume Financial Educational Services, 1989
“Video Shop Software – Retail Software,” Dealer Training, SIS, 1989
“3+Open Network Installation and Administration,” 3-Com/Merisel, 1989
“Doing Business as a Corporation,” James Urquhart III Seminars, 1988
“Alloy: Networking Applications and Design,” Dealer Training, Alloy, 1985
“Local Area Networks,” American Institute for Education, 1982

“Up Your Own Organization: Starting/Financing a New Business,” Dible, 1974
“Engineering Course in MOS Technology,” American Micro Systems, 1974

“MOS Technology, Theory and Application,” Garrett Corp, 1969
“Theory of Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms & Design Of Digital Arithmetic Processors,”UCLA, 1969


“F14 ‘Tomcat’ Microprocessor Chip Set,” R. M. Holt, Vintage Computer Festival, 1998, Santa Clara, CA
“Y2K and Insurance Issues,” Panel Member, Certified Underwriters Chapter Meeting, 1998, San Jose, CA
“Y2K – The Year 2000 Problem,” Ray M. Holt, Seminar Developer and Speaker, 1997 – present
“Web Page Design,” Ray M. Holt, Seminar Developer and Speaker, 1996-present
“Introduction to the Internet,” Ray M. Holt, Seminar Developer and Speaker, 1996- present
“Business Opportunities for the Value-Added Reseller,” Speaker, VAR Business Conference IV, 1992, San Francisco, CA
“Starting Your Own Reseller Business,” 1992, a book on how to start your own computer reseller business.
VAR Finder Database, 1991, a software database cross-referencing over 2000 distributors, 6000 manufacturers and 350 product categories

MICROCOMPUTER DIGEST, trade magazine, co-publisher, 1976-78, published monthly, the first microcomputer industry trade magazine
“Applications of LSI Microcomputers,” R.M. Holt, G.W. Schultz and H. MacFarland, 1978, IEEE Computer magazine
“Tutorial on Microcomputer Structures,” M.R. Lemas and R.M. Holt, Symposium On Computer Architecture, 1975, University of Houston
“A Look at Microcomputers: A Tutorial Survey,” R.M. Holt and M.L. Lemas, 1974, Computer Design magazine
“Throughput Analysis of a Line Controller Using The Intel 8080 Microcomputer,” R.M. Holt, 1974, University Of Santa Clara
“Architecture and Organization of the AMI 7200: A New Breed Of Minicomputer,” R.M. Holt, IEEE Western Region Conference On Minicomputers, 1973, Honolulu, Hawaii
“MOS LSI Minicomputer Comes of Age,” G.W. Schultz and R.M. Holt, Fall Joint Computer Conference, 1972, Volume 41 Part II
“MOS Processor for the F14A Central Air Data Computer,” R.M. Holt, Garrett AiResearch Technical Report No. 71-7266, 1971


I have traveled extensively in Europe visiting over ten countries. I was invited to speak and teach on the following occasions.
I have had many technical discussions with international professors and students.

“Impact of Microprocessors on Education and Society”
“F14 Microprocessor Design and Development”
Free University, Engineering College, Berlin, Germany
“Early Microprocessor Design and Development”
Vintage Computer Festival, Munich, Germany
“Introduction To Internet and Web Page Design”
Secondary/Post-Secondary Students
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Web Page consulting, TEMA Mission, Holland
“Introduction To Internet and Web Page Design”
Secondary/Post-Secondary Students
Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic


Founder and Director – April 2014
STEM Advancement, Inc.
Director & Co-Founder – January 2011 – Present
Mississippi Rural Education Consortium

A group of like-minded individuals, teachers, professors, and school directors interested in making a positive impact on rural education in Mississippi by the sharing of resources.

Technology Consultant – January 2010 to Present
R.E.A.L. Christian Foundation, Richland, MS ( http://RealChristianFoundation.org )
Mt Olive Ministries, Mt Olive, MS ( http://MtOliveMinistries.com )
Mendenhall Ministries, Mendenhall, MS

Designed and hosted webpages for over 15 churches and ministries. Taught adult and youth technology/computer classes. Helped setup an Internet Café, Computer Club (Cyber Visionaries), and a student Website Design Club (The Widgets).

Founder / Executive Director – 1977 to 2000
Christian Athletic Association, Inc, San Jose, CA ( http://PlayCAA.org )

Community-wide, non-denominational athletic association for youth and adults sports. Consists of basketball, baseball and soccer for ages 4-18 and volleyball and softball for ages 19 and over. Serves over 1200 participants annually and over 300 volunteer coaches and referees. Director of world-wide youth mission trips to run camps and clinics and to perform computer training and English camps for youth in Mexico, Slovakia and Belarus. Currently the ministry runs two seasonal soccer leagues serving over 1000 kids annually.

Founder / Executive Director – 1994 to 1999

International Institute of Technology and Theology, San Jose, CA

College-level training non-profit institute for training adults interested in the missions field in computer and technology-based areas. A “Helps” web site assisting missionaries and pastors world-wide.

Board Chairman, member, teacher, business and youth consultant – 1975 to 1997

Mendenhall Ministries, Mendenhall, MS

Mendenhall Ministries is a multi-faceted organization developed as a model for rural community development. In 1992 Mendenhall Ministries was named by President Bush as one of his “Points of Lights” distinguished organizations. Mendenhall Ministries consists of a legal office, medical center, elementary school, recreation facilities, adult education center and an administrative office. In 1985, directed the setting up of over 20 computers to operate within the administration, legal, and educational departments. As a board member, specialized in the financial and youth areas. Organized and performed four-day youth sports camps for the local youth.

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