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Listed below are various Internet links that discuss or reference the F-14 first microprocessor or other relevant issues on this website.

“The Road to the Future… Is Paved With Good Inventions”. We bring you 10 great ideas that made flying safer, easier, or just a whole lot more fun. Air & Space Magazine, September 1, 2009
A Brief History of Computing (Ray Holt and a team from AiResearch)
Absolute Astronomy (Central Air Data Computer)
Central Air Data Computer (wikipedia)
Computer Collector Newsletter (The controversial birth of the TRS-80)
Crucial Role Of Silicon Design In The Invention Of The Microprocessor
EDN, Steve Leibson’s Blog, “Intel Rewrites History
F14A CADC Microprocessor – MP944
From Dust to the NanoAge (The microprocessor is a US-born boy!)
Great moments in microprocessor history (IBM – The history of the micro)
History of Computing (Ray Holt, working with his brother – Bill Holt …)
How To Make A Chip (This is the essay of how to make a Chip)
Intel 4004 isn’t the world’s first microprocessor (Saptarshi Purkayastha)
Microprocessor (wikipedia, tripAtlas)
Microcomputer Associates, Inc (wikipedia)
Microcomputer Associates (Jolt was designed by Raymond M. Holt)
New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge (Introducing the Microprocessor)
Ray Holt (wikipedia, zoominfo)
Sci-Tech Encyclopedia: Microprocessor
Technology – History Timeline
Who created the first microprocessor? (Yahoo Answers)
World’s first microprocessor (was a U.S. government project)
Vintage Computer Festival (Computing history is clear)
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